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Keepin It Gold treatment timeline:

Photo 1-September 29, 2017

Veterinarian injected tumor with Sarco 41. Client treating topically with Sarco 41

Photo 2- Day 2

Sarcoid responding to injections and Topical treatment 

Photo 3- Day 4

Sarcoid erupting


Posted on 41 Laboratories Facebook page Feb 14, 2017: As mentioned in an earlier post by Amelia Dunn, here are the timeline photos of my mare's sarcoid. Photo #1 is after multiple surgical resections by the vet, with each resection leading to a more and more aggressive sarcoid. Finally the vet said he could do nothing more and it became the size that you see in the photo. She could barely move a couple of feet per day, mostly just pivoting on the leg with the sarcoid. The 2nd photo is after debulking using a castrating band and topical application of the Sarco41. I cleaned/applied this daily with bandaging and also fed her the Sarco41 liquid. Subsequent photos show the progressively decreasing size of the sarcoid. I was very consistent with the treatment--didn't miss a single day. It took about a year or so. After getting down to mostly healed skin, there were a couple of persistent very small sarcoids that kept popping up. I would inject them with the liquid, while also continuing with the liquid drink and topical application. Those 2 tiny residual sarcoids kept popping back up, though, so I felt like maybe the sarcoid was developing a tolerance to the Sarco 41. I then added some Nouvelle Research Cur-Ost EQ Pure (high levels of Curcumin) to her diet and that did the trick. Couldn't have done it without the Sarco 41, though. We are now about 2 years clear from sarcoid. yay!

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Final Photo


Facebook Post dated Sept 27, 2016:  So.....Leo was successful in treating his sarcoids several years ago. Today he went to the horse dentist and we found a tumor in his mouth. Do you think this is a sarcoid? The equine dentist has not seen this before.

Current status: Tumor is gone.


Started injectable treatment on April 18th

Isaiah (latest photos)

July 2013 September 6, 2013

Isaiah is still in treatment

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From: Kathy Dickason

I bought a 6 year old Quarter horse in March 2014 . He had 1 Sarcoid on each side of his neck. Each wart was almost two inches long, and 1 inch wide. Both were gray and bumpy (scabby looking). At the time of purchase, I had no idea what a Sarcoid was, assuming they were some types of old scars.

My vet alerted me as to what I was facing during March, and he suggested your Sarcoid41 cream. continue by clicking here.......

From: Fred Lyman

Sorry, I've been quite remiss, having owed you an update and a testimonial for over one year!

I have resisted sending photos of my Paint horse, Sox's eye because he ran out on 150 acres and his large, squamous mass - about the size of my thumb - had 'stitched' his eyelids together and irritated the eye for some time before I discovered Sarco-41. continue by clicking here.........

Rick Sakata
Shaka's Progress during treatment

Started Injectable Treatment July 2015

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